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Entrepreneur Of The Year, Skåne 2016

Entrepreneur of the Year, Skåne 2016

Last Friday the Swedish Federation of Business Owners’ awarded Carl-Johan Grund, CEO of Emerse, the prestigious title Entrepreneur of the Year, Skåne 2016. (Årets Företagare Skåne).

The award celebrates the people behind the company’s success. Making the entrepreneurs work visible through their dedication and entrepreneurial work. Emerse has shown that with the right people, as well as exciting and innovative technology in an industry with enormous potential, growth is only a phone call away.

“Growth is important! Growing quickly is challenging! To grow explosively is risky, but with both feet firmly on the ground, this entrepreneur takes on the world!“ So wrote The Swedish Federation of Business Owners in their award statement. The Swedish Federation of Business Owners is the largest independent business organisation in Sweden, representing the interests of around 75 000 business owners. Since 1985 this award has been made annually on a local, regional and national level.

On October 14th in Stockholm, Emerse will represent Skåne for the 2016 national Entrepreneur Award which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Well done Carl-Johan and good luck in Stockholm!

It feels fantastic. It was an unexpected honour to receive this 2016 award from among all of the terrific nominees in Skåne. It’s great for me and it’s great for the team, said Carl-Johan.

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