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Advertise Programatically On Spotify

Advertise Programatically on Spotify

Emerse is proud to announce the launch of programmatic advertising directly on Spotify through our DSP. You can reach users who match the audience profile of your campaign. You can choose from several types of ad format, including video and banner ads, to reach all types of device including mobile and desktop.

2016 - 106,3 million users
2017* - 146,6 million users
2018* - 180,3 million users
2019* - 204,5 million users
2020* - 221,5 million users

* Forecasted values

Spotify is one of the largest music streaming services in the world offering digital audio content. Basic audio content can be accessed for free, whereas premium user subscriptions allow access to offline mobile content as well as listen to music without advertising. Spotify recently reported over 100 million active users globally, a figure projected to grow to over 200 million by 2019. On average, all Spotify users spend 148 minutes a day listening to music through the Spotify platform.

We have a Private Marketplace deal with Spotify, which means you can advertise directly on Spotify through our DSP, allowing you to target over 70 million music fans who use Spotify Free. You can target audiences by age, gender, genres and playlists – all in real time. Video ads are played automatically when Spotify Free users listen to a Spotify playlist. After watching the entire video ad, they qualify for 30 minutes of advertisement-free listening. However, during those 30 minutes banner ads appear on the users’ screen while they search track lists.

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