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The whole point of ads is for them to be seen by the target audience, right? Viewability is a way of measuring which ads were actually seen, or had the potential to be seen when served on web pages.

There are many reasons why a video ad might not be seen and we recognise this is a serious issue for advertisers. Video ads could be playing in a background tab in the user’s browser, or the user scrolled past leaving the ad, or parts of it, off-screen. Also, slow loading can often result in abandoned ads. Or, the ad might have been placed below the fold, meaning that the placement is so far down that the user might not scroll down the page far enough to see the ad.

These issues have created something of a battle among brands, agencies, and publishers in the online industry. Publishers try to limit interruptions for consumers seeking to keep users on their sites while brands and agencies only want to pay for ads that people actually saw.

What can be done to avoid these issues and improve viewability? At Emerse, we take a range of factors into account before placing videos on a website such as; browsers used, screen sizes and screen resolution. We also look at how long users spend on the site on average and calculate the probability of the user viewing the ad. All these mechanisms run in the background in our DSP and you have full control over the settings. We work actively to ensure strong viewability rates, and we include viewability rates in our reporting.

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