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Viola Desmond

Viola Desmond

To mark the Canadian black history month, Historica Canada produced yet another striking video for Heritage Minutes.

The video tells the story of the successful businesswoman Viola Desmond and her legal battle with the province of Nova Scotia. She was seeking justice after being thrown out of a movie theatre and becoming imprisoned for sitting in a section of the theatre reserved for white Canadians. Her case generated so much publicity at the time, that Nova Scotia was forced to throw out its segregation laws. Her story is familiar to many Nova Scotians and deserves to be known more widely. The campaign’s aim is to honour the civil rights icon Viola and make Canadians aware of her tenacity in the face of persecution.

Emerse is pleased to announce that the campaign was incredibly successful, enjoying an impressive amount of views, shares and likes on Facebook. The video was promoted in both English and French. Watch the video here:

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