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Scandinavian Collection

Scandinavian Collection

There is more to Scandinavian cinema than Ingmar Bergman, bleak wintry crime drama and nordic noir. A whole new generation of young filmmakers is challenging these stereotypes and breaking new ground.

Walk This Way presents a collection of five striking Scandinavian films, an intriguing mix of comedy, romance, and drama.Emerse was delighted to promote this successful video campaign. We registered an extraordinary amount of social media interaction, shares, and likes. A significant number of viewers clicked through to iTunes where the films are exclusively available to watch on-demand across Europe. We identified the key audience groups to be movie lovers, with an interest in art, entertainment, and pop culture.

Get your popcorn ready, curl up and prepare yourself for a hilarious comedy about a former curling champion with obsessive-compulsive problems, a complicated transgender love story and experimental theories on how to make the world a better place. The current landscape of Scandinavian cinema is certainly very exciting!

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