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Programmatic TV

Programmatic TV

It’s a new year with new possibilities and lots of exciting advertising opportunities ahead. Emerse always keeps an ear to the ground, and we know that programmatic video advertising for television is the new big thing.

A multitude of on-demand streaming services has changed the TV landscape dramatically these past years. People are already watching programs when they want, where they want and on a device, they find most convenient, including smart TV, game consoles, laptops, and mobiles. This means a big opportunity for data-driven and audience targeted instream placements.

We use indexed audience data to ensure effective targeting based on multiple criteria such as; geography, specific keywords, categorised topics, personal watching history and viewing behaviour. We can fine-tune the delivery of more personalised, relevant content to users, even as they switch between screens. We are already buying inventory across major TV inventory channels, please check with your Emerse account contact to find out more.


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