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E-Commerce Summit

E-Commerce Summit

My colleagues and I headed to Malmö arena early to have a nice breakfast. After a short mingle, the speakers were next on the agenda. Many of them were CEO´s and founders of their own company and talked about how they got started.

After lunch, the first speaker was Fredrik Rundqvist, executive producer at Massive Entertainment. Fredrik has been involved with games such as Far Cry 3 and Assassins Creed: Revelations. The topic of his presentation was about methods to catch a customer’s attention and keep them for the entire advertisement video. For example, when he is creating an action game, Fredrik interviews former military guys to figure out how they behave in the field so he can apply it to the game experience.

Something we thought worth mentioning is the new trend me-commerce. It´s all about understanding what the customer really wants. As I indicated Fredrik Rundqvist does exactly that. He satisfies the needs of his target audience through video marketing. But how can we do that too? By studying and collecting data around the consumer behaviour on the internet, we can find out what their interests really are and what demands they have. After that, we can engage ourselves about potential customer’s interests and apply then them to our marketing channel per the example above. The Nordic e-commerce summit 2015 was really something to remember. So many new experiences and a wealth of new information to take in. Definitely, a memorable event and one which we want to experience again next year!


Katrina Jensen
Emerse Intern

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