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Project M

Project M

Cities can be exciting places to live but if we can’t improve the existing transport efficiency quickly, they could struggle to cope with the increasing population.

Project M is exploring ways to improve movement around our crowded cities now and in the future. The project is a collaboration of industry leader and expert car designer Gordon Murray and the engineering guru Osamu Goto. Together with Shell they are looking at the challenge of designing a light and compact city car, powered by innovative and cost-effective fuel. Is it possible? This is the Project M challenge.

We at Emerse think it’s an exciting opportunity and we are delighted to promote and support such an innovative and ground-breaking project. The “Connected Car Competition” promotion video encourages users to submit their own creative ideas for how technology can be utilised to get around our cities. Do you have an idea that could revolutionise the world of transportation? Watch the videos here:

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