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Walk This Way

Walk This Way

Emerse is promoting Walk This Way – a European film collaboration by Under The Milky Way, Europa International and The Film Agency.

The project has recently received support from the European Commission for online digital distribution of over 30 films, which are now available on VOD platforms. This is a great opportunity to spread European film productions and documentaries to the general public and make them more accessible. Emerse is seeding new releases of film trailers to relevant countries, in the respective languages throughout 2015.

As people move towards streaming films and watching on demand, Walk This Way aims to meet the challenges of the digital era and reach new audiences. This was discussed in detail at the IPEDA conference at Next Pavilion during the 2015 Cannes Film Festival last month, and Emerse was there to reinforce our year-long partnership with the project.

The films are award-winning, star-studded box-office hits by famous directors, featuring original screenplays, adaptations and new releases within various genres. Be delighted all year long by the richness of European cinema! All films presented by Walk This Way are available on both iTunes and Google Play, watch a few of the trailers here:

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